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 The Project

Do you want more insight into your child's defiant and disobedient behavior?


The University of Amsterdam offers parents the opportunity to receive a personal profile of their own behavior and that of their child.


Who can participate?

Parents with children aged 3 to 8 who regularly show defiant or disobedient behavior.


What does participation entail?

Completing (1) a one-off questionnaire and (2) a few short questions several times a day for twelve days.

What does this research yield?

This project gives us insight into what can help parents deal with children's defiant and disobedient behavior. In addition to a personal profile, parents will receive a VVV gift card worth 50 euros for full participation.

The Team


This project is conducted by the Department of Child Development and Education of the University of Amsterdam, led by Merlin Nieterau. The research is funded by an NWO Vidi grant awarded to Dr. Patty Leijten.

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